Trust & Flow Magical Mystery Weekend Retreat

Sit quietly and surrender all thought
Disconnect from ego and find the still point within
What do you feel? What do you hear?...

... perhaps it is the calling of your heart to join a group of like-minded souls who are consciously choosing to anchor the New Earth energies and bring into full manifestation Heaven on Earth.

Helen has been guided by spirit to create a special retreat – like no other before – one where surrender, unity, trust and flow are the key experiences to be shared.

Helen says ... ”this is a journey of surrender, one of letting go of ego and moving with the flow of the heart. Imagine waking up in the morning with ‘no thing’ to ‘do’, just time to allow your inner voice to stir, your wisdom to express and your heart to sing. Join me on a real journey of surrender and trust – a true journey of the (one) heart”.

  • Your journey begins on Friday morning where you will meet Helen and your fellow travellers at a pre-arranged point.
  • Sharing cars you will drive to a very special place surrounded by nature.
  • Staying in a house by the sea you will reside for the weekend in spiritual harmony with your housemates and nature.
  • You will share what community really feels like when everyone is valued and heard and healing is openly given and received.
  • You will flow into outings to sacred spots in the surrounding area.
  • On Sunday afternoon you will head back home with a new energy calibration – one of the new light.

Welcome to the NOW energies of our 5th Dimensional Heaven on Earth

It is our true nature to live in harmony with ourselves and the all. If you would like to experience what it truly feels like to let go and FLOW, to TRUST so deeply that you know not where you are going, other than on a magical journey, then join Helen on this Magical Mystery Weekend Retreat and come home to the ONE that is you.

Where: now won’t that be a lovely surprise – you’ll know when we get there!

When: Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June 2013

Included: shared accommodation in family home; bedding; food for the weekend (meal preparation will be lovingly shared)

Gratitude Exchange: NZ$295.00 Book Now Early Purchase when paid by 31 May OR NZ$325.00 if paid after 31 May

Plus, if sharing a ride in another’s car, please contribute to the petrol costs


For more information, contact Helen.