Here’s what clients have had to say about their experience with Helen….


Helen I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful review and awesome compliments about you from my customer this morning.  She was in awe at the experience she is having now since connecting with you, and the delight of the beautiful changes she felt during and after the downloads from your Love & Light of YOU Audio Workshop and the telephone session she had with you.  She feels so happy and confident - she shines.

It is so lovely that you were brought to this earth at this time to be a bridge and facilitator so we can remember how to connect with our souls at all levels.  Keep being beautiful, you are making us all shine.

Julie Auckland, NZ

I am an Actor in Auckland, New Zealand and I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Helen Barnes.  Initially I went to see Helen for my general clean-up (warrant of fitness so to speak) but what I found was that if I had a session with Helen before an audition, I was so much more open and in-tune to create.  I felt more connected to my character and was more of service to them – more than ever before.  I now see Helen before every audition.  When I first started seeing Helen I was auditioning for supporting roles in film.  I now audition for the lead!  And all this happened in only 6 months.  I will always be grateful to Helen for not only assisting me with my ‘stuff’ in this lifetime, but immensely grateful for her help with my career.  The work I have done with Helen has taken me to that next level. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rachel Morris  Auckland


I have always believed that “when the pupil is ready the teacher will arrive” and that is what happened for me when I first read about Helen Barnes, and was immediately drawn to her Personal Spiritual Trainer Programme - for me this was my “light bulb” moment.

I was having issues with childhood trauma, and the work that we have done on clearing this has been truly transforming for me. I have been having one-on-one weekly telephone sessions with Helen for a few weeks now, and have been truly amazed at how quickly I have been able to come to terms with my trauma and move on to the next level.

I thank you so much Helen for your truly wonderful gift, I know that I have benefited from having you as my teacher, it has transformed my life, driven it to a positive level, greater than I could ever have dreamed of attaining.

Elaine Martin
Adelaide South Australia


I first met Helen 7 weeks before our 2 week tour of Egypt beginning 1/12/12. Immediately I perceived the presence of a very powerful, friendly, loving and caring lady who was going to be there for her fellow travellers, this certainly was the case!
Helen had everything organised, if something had to be adjusted it was done well ahead of time. Our accommodation and meals ranged from friendly B & B in authentic Egyptian homes and cooking through to deluxe cabins and 'a la carte' meals while cruising the river Nile. All staff at each stay were friendly, cheerful and very obliging. Helen nurtured us as a group but also individually with all needs, including shopping.
This was a spiritual tour and Helen's abilities shone through, performing processes at various sites (we had sole access to some of the sites!)  I changed over the two weeks and so did others. This was also due to my other fellow travellers, everyone was there for each other. I believe this was brought about by Helen's guidance and desire for everyone to embrace each moment fully throughout the 2 weeks.

I cannot speak highly enough in regard to Helen's professionalism in organising our tour and ensuring all of our needs were met. But it is more than that! Helen's genuine love of people, her ability to connect and bring others together, desire to help and freedom to laugh is what made the trip. If you desire a trip of a life time, beyond your expectations, have a chat with Helen.  You will be glad you did!!!  Again, thank you, thank you Helen, the tour has changed my life!

Barbara Gutte,
Adelaide, South Australia


I was so excited to see and experience an Egypt that tourists don’t often see and to immerse myself in the real magic of such a diverse and exotic culture whilst gaining such intense individual coaching and mentoring from Helen herself. Helen’s experience, knowledge and understanding of Islamic Egypt paved the way to ensure my enjoyment of such a unique country and its people. I cannot begin to describe how this very personal experience has propelled me on my journey of enlightenment whilst have so much fun. This has been a once in a lifetime experience beyond anything that I had ever imagined.

Michelle Maclean


I have known Kareema (Helen), for a long time but only recently re connected our friendship. I knew Kareema was going to do more personalised spiritual journeys in Egypt. I had a strong feeling to go. So in August I sold my house, freed up some money and with my dear friend Trish we went to Egypt. It all happened with ease and I really felt this was supported in me going to Egypt. Little did I know what a journey I would go through. The Egyptian way of life that we experienced definitely pushed my buttons but I also learned to accept and not judge others, we hear so much propaganda about the Muslim people but for me I felt most of them were just like us wanting to be happy, have love, security, laugh, family values etc. So without holding too much judgement and going with the flow I felt the Egyptian people responded with kindness and fun also.

Spiritually I learnt so much from Kareema, her knowledge of Egypt made me feel safe at all times. She had intuited that Trish and I do work with the goddesses Isis, Sekmeht, and Hathor, the learning and the energy and openings received was incredible, and all along Kareema helped to ensure we processed all of this. I gained so much and I encourage anyone who feels to go, just do it, it is life changing!! Since returning home I am making some big life changes and Kareema has helped me also to take me that step further with her support and her connectedness to spirit since being home. It is a personal journey and Kareema’s work is at a very deep level no doubt about it. And we had lots of fun!!!!

Machel Burgering
Auckland, NZ


My time with Helen in Egypt was one of the most significant times of my life and will never be forgotten. Egypt, with Helen’s love and guidance will move you in ways you never thought possible. I have grown so much spiritually and personally. This is a gift to be able to share the mystery of Egypt with such a wise teacher.

Auckland, NZ


Helen Barnes has been impressing me now for over 15 years. I first met her in her corporate climbing days and was impressed with her focus, energy and resolve. Helen has continued to grow and bloom as she develops her spiritual ascendancy. I can truly see her soaring and being an inspiration to many people. The wonderful thing about Helen's own growth is that it comes about through helping others. I feel privileged to have been a part of Helen's growth and thereby my own. Helen, a big thank you for helping me to cut the 'dock lines' and pursue my true passions. Your workshops Flying High and beyond have done just that and opened up / provided space for opportunities I had been quietly suppressing. You have put bounce back into my dreams - keep sharing your wonderful knowledge and skills with all you meet on your own journey.
Love and Light to you.

General Manager, Auckland


Helen Barnes has transformed my life and the teaching I have gained from my association with her is one of the greatest joys of my life. She taught me how to interpret and channel the skills I possessed and turn them into positive interpretation of the messages and channelling from spirit. This wonderful achievement has transformed my life, driven it to a positive level, greater than I could ever have dreamed of attaining. This was achieved by attending her one-on-one sessions, where Helen channelled messages or skills to me from her guides, weekend retreats and various courses, some on regular weekly meetings, others over weekends to learn the many and varied aspects to learn from Spirit. Add to this the peace of mind that the 'knowledge' of these new found skills and you begin to form a picture of contentment in daily life. Helen showed me how to understand and interpret the 'knowing' or 'listening' or 'seeing' (all these are in laymans' terms, there are of course other words to describe them) the skills I had and hadn't understood previously.

I so enjoy the journey Helen has shown to me and she has indeed transformed my life, thank you Helen for the joy this brings to me.

Antonia Fenton


The work I have done with Helen Barnes over a period of three years including one-on-one sessions and workshops, has been life changing for me. We have worked on many different issues, particularly on clearing away negative energy from past lives and especially for me clearing away a lot of victim energy I was carrying around, allowing me to step fully into my power as the magnificent being that I am. Helen taught me so very much about unconditional love and who we truly are to ourselves and each other. Helen has a way of communicating that is real, down to earth and captivating and always so full of love. Helen is an amazing mentor, teacher and loving friend.
Thank you, I love you....

Jules Aekins


I first saw Helen Barnes in 1998 and the reading that she and White Cloud gave me, is as pertinent today in my steady and continuing growth, as it was then. Helen's courage has taken her to international status and her personal frequency raises the vibrations of all who seek her. I become excited each time her visits to our beautiful island draws nearer, because I know I am about to take my next giant leap into awareness of the all-that-is. Helen is a wonderful being, beloved of the great ones, and from my own experience, she will open you to experiences and personal growth that you hadn't even dreamt of.
Happy journey!

Gaye Evans
Norfolk Island


I have been in the interesting position of knowing Helen Barnes first, 22 years ago as a hard nosed, abrasive, business woman who suffered no fools, or even "suspected" fools- including me. Then, later as my spiritual teacher and mentor. I must say, watching the metamorphosis was fascinating, bizarre, even. One of the most amazing transformations I have ever seen. I'm sure she is a "walk in". In the latter years Helen has taught me much spiritually in various areas, always with her own touch of humour, humanity and caring sensitivity. Her biggest gift to me was teaching me trust and faith - helping me shed my fears of financial security - and learning to feel the fear and do it anyway, while trusting the universe. Helen - you began training with me with small deeds of faith. You have created a monster! I now take leaps of faith that frankly still make me wonder at myself during the odd moment, and would have the old me thinking I had gone troppo.
Love and Light

Colin Nicholls