Stellar Light Body Reconnection One Day Workshop

All that you have ever been as a Multidimensional Being of Light created in the image of God is still who you truly are. And yet after the fall of Atlantis when humanity fell into the density of the 3rd dimension you along with everyone else became de-activated as the frequency in which you found yourself was not high enough to sustain your spiritual power and wisdom as a divine being.

So you have been slumbering for some time and have recently along with the collective consciousness awakened to the truth of who you truly are. Your stellar light body is awakening to the truth once more and you are re-claming your high levels of consciousness. as a star seeded multi-dimensional being of light.

Time is speeding up – 2012 is just around the corner and so we are being offered great assistance from the galactic realms to activate our stellar light bodies once more so that we are ready for the new earth in the 5th dimension.

In this workshop, to awaken your light body from its slumbers, we will be initiating a series of stellar light code activations that will 'reset' the template into a resonance of new galactic frequencies. Physically we will change, but the changes first come from the light body, which once activated fully, will facilitate the development of the molecular structure to support the new physical form required for the shift to the 5th dimension.

Helen will be working with the Galactic Federation and the Great Council of Light to bring through sound and light code activations using the Language of Light. The Federation has shown Helen how the Stellar Light Body Matrix is recalibrated and how this recalibration in turn awakens dormant soul DNA. Helen will share many channeled insights during this workshop as well as facilitate the energy work with sound and light healing energies.

All you need do is come along and bathe in the consciousness that is your true origins.