The Star Gate Zelda

The time has come for the masses on planet earth to awaken to the divine knowledge and wisdom within. Those of you who have already walked the path of consciousness are being called upon to give yourselves in service to bring about the great shift that is required for humanity to ascend. Are you ready?!

Helen Barnes has been appointed by the Galactic Federation to facilitate a workshop of initiation for light workers to bring a new and profound way of assisting the awakening of the masses at this time. The content of the workshop will be channeled directly through Helen to participants in preparation for the work you are about to begin.

The day will unfold in divine perfection and all will be revealed.

Part 1
The first part of the workshop will be to clear old energies and any past life issues that are standing in the way of your readiness for this commitment to serving the light and to raise and/or align your vibration with the frequencies required for this work.

Part 2
The second part will be to travel to the Star gate which is a hub in the sixth dimension from where you will access your Galactic Guides and Masters from the Star Systems of Lyra, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda and the Pleiades. You will be guided through techniques to enter the Intergalactic Highways to lead you to the higher dimensions where your guides await you.

Part 3
Having met your guides and masters you will be activated with high frequency electrons which will imprint your consciousness with the codes and reconfigured atomic structure (DNA) to undertake this work.

Part 4
You will be instructed on how to use your new energies to help the awakening of mass consciousness on planet earth. You will be given symbols and mantras to use for your protection and continued activation.

Having completed this process of initiation you will emit specific higher frequencies of light which will attract those of a lower consciousness into your reality – rather like a magnet. You will find people are drawn to you to talk about spirituality and you will be in a position to open the door for them.
Effectively you will have been programmed with specific codes that will activate when you are called into service. On the physical level all you need do is to talk about spirituality as you know it – your story, however, on an energetic level, you will operate as a transmitting device emitting high frequency codes which will be imprinted on those in your presence.
And your work will be done. People will ask for your advice as they will be seeking knowledge on how to develop their own divinity and you can point them in the right direction so that they may begin their journey of ascension. If you are currently working metaphysically, then this will bring more clients your way. If you are in the world of commerce, you will be able to reach many who may otherwise stay sleeping.

The Star gate Zelda has been a dormant portal for some considerable time and is being opened now so that this work can begin. You have incarnated at this most exciting of times on planet earth to work your magic and your time has come. Humanity is ready and so are you.