One Day Spiritual Growth Workshop.

Facilitated by Helen Barnes

Is it time to let your light shine?

The One Day Spiritual Growth Workshop includes…..

Phase 1: Helen will take you through a process of healing the past to make way for the now - a process to move from the ego personality self into the wisdom and love of the higher self. She will bring through the Language of Light Sound healing energies to help clear away what no longer serves you allowing your full potential to expand into higher spiritual understanding and connection. Past Life insights will also be revealed and cleared (unfinished business from Past Lives effects each incarnation, so by clearing the past, present life issues are also cleared).

Phase 2: Helen will facilitate your opening to greater connection with spirit. It is time to reconnect with your Spirit Guides and your higher self, including…

  • Meditation – re-connect and meet your Spirit Guides and Angels who are here to help you
  • Automatic Writing – bringing messages through from the light
  • Dowsing – using a pendulum as a form of divination

Phase 3: Crystals and Healing – learning more about crystals and how they can assist you on your spiritual journey. Learn how to do a crystal chakra healing for yourself and others. Learn how crystals can have a positive effect in your life and bring closer connection to the light.

Phase 4: Sharing messages from spirit - a time to open to channel wisdom and insights from the higher realms. Using Oracle Cards as a tool, you will develop the gift of psychic readings.

Can you hear the call of spirit – calling you home – to be your light once more? Come along and bathe in the spiritual bliss that awaits you. It is time for your time to shine!

For more information and bookings, contact helen here or phone 021938024.