Soul Haven Retreats, NZ.

Helen is pleased to offer personal, healing retreats in the comfort of her rural, peaceful haven, north of Auckland. You can come alone or with a partner or friend – maximum two participants to allow for dedicated 'you' time. Transfers can be arranged from and to Auckland Airport. Retreats are offered for weekends as well as mid-week.

Soul Haven

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Here are some of the retreat options, however, it is often better to tailor-make a retreat programme specially for your needs and then let it unfold in divine perfection:

Step up and Step Out

This retreat is ideal if you are ready to step up to be of service to the light.  Many evolving light workers find it beneficial to take a retreat with Helen to facilitate the transition from their mainstream work into their higher purpose. Take this retreat option and you will likely leave ready to fly! 

Relax, Unwind and Chill Out

If you are feeling stressed or having time finding some well deserved 'me time' then this is the retreat for you. Helen's property is just the place to relax and be and Helen is there to cook delicious meals and offer healing treatments plus you will have plenty of time to read, sleep and just be.

Nurture, Rebalance and Restore

Feeling neglected and need some gentle healing energy to bring you back into balance. Then this retreat is for you. Helen offers healing sessions to release any discordant energies to re-balance and restore your vital energy.  She will also provide healthy meals to support your body's realignment into balance once more.

Explore, Heal and Grow

If you want to dig deep into your issues and heal the wounding that is holding you back from creating the life of your dreams, then this is just the retreat for you.  These Retreats offer a unique opportunity to step out of your everyday life and address any imbalance that is in your life. With one-on-one facilitation, these offer a wonderful opportunity for deep healing and transformation. Retreats can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Recover from Grief or Loss

If you have lost someone close to you and it is time to soothe your soul and be nurtured in a loving environment, then Soul Haven is just the place to come.  Helen has a deep understanding of loss having lost her brother of 29 years, her father, and her young Egyptian husband after just 5 years of marriage.  She understands the higher meaning to the soul's passing and can offer comfort and understanding in your time of grief.

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What our clients said...

"Imagine having the opportunity to spend a weekend with someone who can give you channelled guidance on any question you have - personal or about life in general! This was the experience I recently enjoyed when I went on a weekend retreat with Helen Barnes at Soul Haven - a gorgeous country cottage, with fine hospitality provided by Helen.

I had indicated to Helen beforehand that I was there for a personal growth experience, and that was exactly what I got! There was plenty of opportunity for conversation and discussion on any topic, as well as working through life's challenges, and then receiving a channelled reading on tape. The retreat experience didn't end when I left Soul Haven but stayed with me for a long time as there was so much information to process and absorb.

I can thoroughly recommend taking the opportunity to attend a retreat with Helen at Soul Haven, whether you are wanting peace and quiet in the country, or looking for a unique experience in discovering the full potential of yourself. The experience was truly beyond my expectations!"

Christine Maxfield, Auckland, NZ

"Our weekend retreat with Helen totally lived up to all our expectations.

The welcoming atmosphere in her peaceful country home, the yummy food and, of course, Helen's own personality ensured that we felt completely at ease during our stay. The balance between working on our spiritual journeys and relaxing was just right and Helen's knowledge and expertise ensured that, with the help of spirit guides and light language, we were able to explore and move forward in many different ways.

Thank you Helen."

Barbara Hand, Wellington, NZ

"My week long stay at beautiful Soul Haven Retreat more than fulfilled my expectations.  I experienced amazing healing and spiritual growth through Helen's intuitive guidance and Light Language Activations.  The peace, tranquillity and gorgeous accommodations contributed to an exceptional retreat.  I look forward to returning again in the future.  Thoroughly recommended."

Christine Quinlivan, Queensland, Australia