Sacred Teachings

Workshops have become an integral part of my work. Focused on the desire to assist those awakening souls to walk in their truth and develop a spiritually sound basis for living in the light, I am pleased to offer a small range of workshops.

With a background in the corporate world, mainly in the travel industry, I have a history of facilitating and training skills which I am able to bring into my spiritual work providing professional and inspiring classes.  I also have the travel background to ensure workshops held overseas run smoothly and believe in having fun and making every day a joy to share.

Working with the energy of the group allows each workshop to unfold for the highest good of the group. Working in a surrendered way allows for each workshop to take on its own 'theme' and produce transformational experiences for participants.

Click for details of New Zealand Day Workshops:

Moving From Illusion Into Truth
Egyptian Mysteries
The Star gate Zelda
Stellar Light Body Workshop