Sacred Soul Immersion Journeys

Discover your Inner Self

Helen is pleased to offer journeys to Aotearoa/New Zealand, Mt Shasta, Sedona, Glastonbury, Peru and Egypt.

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A Sacred Soul Immersion Journey offers a unique and personal experience that is truly transformational and allows you to immerse yourself and honour your soul in the high frequency vibration and magic of some of the most powerful sacred sights on earth today. By combining my spiritual knowledge with the mysteries and power of the Deities and Masters of the Ancient Mystery Schools you will receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring at the deepest level of your being to propel your higher consciousness into a new dimension of spiritual awareness.

Helen singing Te Aroha inside the Dashur Pyramids.

These journeys are very personal soul journeys with intense individual teaching and mentoring where you will experience an array of divinely perfect experiences on your pathway to self-realisation including… Initiations, Goddess/Divine Feminine energies, DNA activations, Galactic Light Technologies plus much more. By working in a surrendered way and going with the 'flow' you will allow the magic to unfold.  Your soul will dance with the unconditional love and joy that comes from such profound work. These journeys offer a unique opportunity for your soul's evolution.  

A maximum of 12 participants ensures each and every one will receive Helen's personal attention. Sometimes you may even be travelling with 3 to 5 others which is completely different from a large group of 30 or more.  This is the big difference that makes these journeys uniquely personal and special.


'I first met Helen 7 weeks before our 2 week tour of Egypt beginning 1/12/12. Immediately I perceived the presence of a very powerful, friendly, loving and caring lady who was going to be there for her fellow travellers, this certainly was the case!
Helen had everything organised, if something had to be adjusted it was done well ahead of time. Our accommodation and meals ranged from friendly B & B in authentic Egyptian homes and cooking through to deluxe cabins and 'a la carte' meals while cruising the river Nile. All staff at each stay were friendly, cheerful and very obliging. Helen nurtured us as a group but also individually with all needs, including shopping.
This was a spiritual tour and Helen's abilities shone through, performing processes at various sites (we had sole access to some of the sites!)  I changed over the two weeks and so did others. This was also due to my other fellow travellers, everyone was there for each other. I believe this was brought about by Helen's guidance and desire for everyone to embrace each moment fully throughout the 2 weeks.

I cannot speak highly enough in regard to Helen's professionalism in organising our tour and ensuring all of our needs were met. But it is more than that! Helen's genuine love of people, her ability to connect and bring others together, desire to help and freedom to laugh is what made the trip. If you desire a trip of a life time, beyond your expectations, have a chat with Helen.  You will be glad you did!!!  Again, thank you, thank you Helen, the tour has changed my life!'

Barbara Gutte,
Adelaide, South Australia


Above: Helen with her Equinox Sacred Soul Immersion Journey to Peru - September 2012