Priestess - Return to Avalon

Sacred Soul Immersion Journey - 21 July to 08 August 2017

Divine Woman - Return to Avalon

Priestess – Return to Avalon Sacred Soul Immersion Journey

A sacred pilgrimage to the ancient wisdom and knowledge once present within all of us. It is time to reclaim this wisdom and knowledge as the Priestess returns within us all and the Goddess rises once more.

On this journey we will return to the heart of Avalon, today known as Glastonbury, where the veil is thin and we will enter a new phase of spiritual awareness. Ancient memories will be reborn and as our memory returns, our vibration will rise to the fullest potential to know ourselves as divine feminine. We will find more peace, joy and love in our lives and we will shine our light as the Priestesses we truly are.

Archangel Michael and Mother Mary will be ever present on this journey as the St Michael and St Mary ley lines run strongly through this part of Britain. We will visit many sacred sites where once Temples stood, often represented today by churches dedicated to Michael and Mary. We will venture behind these modern places of worship to unveil the sanctity of the ancients whose presence is still strongly felt. We will work with many of the Celtic Goddesses who will assist from afar. And we will explore the sacred geometric forces that lie hidden within. We will visit Camelot and Merlin’s Cave as we delve into the ancient wisdom of Avalon.

Glastonbury is referred to as the Heart Chakra of Britain and today it is a thriving new age centre brimming with offerings for the spiritual seeker. We will explore it all. Like kids in a candy store we will want to try everything and in doing so will find heaven on earth!!!!


Priestess - Return to Avalon Tour to Glastonbury 21 July to 08 August 2017

Day 1
Our group of Priestesses will meet in London and travel by rental car to Glastonbury, where we will settle in to our self-catering accommodation in the heart of Glastonbury and where we will stay for the duration of our time in Avalon.

Days 3 to 6
From our base in Glastonbury we will explore the many sacred places in and around Glastonbury, as listed below.

Days 7 & 8
We will travel down to Tintagel in Cornwall and take a visit to Tintagel Castle (which is said to be Camelot) and visit Merlin’s Cave. We need to visit Merlin’s Cave at low tide, so will be scheduling our travelling time around this. We will stay in local accommodation for one night in Tintagel.

Days 9 to 18
Back at our base in Glastonbury, we will continue to explore all that is on offer in and around Glastonbury and beyond. See the list below for places we will visit.

In addition, we will be in Glastonbury during the Goddess Festival so there will be the opportunity to attend some of the activities as well.

Day 19
This morning we will say our farewells to Glastonbury and drive back to London Heathrow Airport where our sacred journey will end.

Places we will visit while based in Glastonbury…

Avebury Stone Circle
St Michael’s Mount
Silbury Hill
Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury
Wells Cathedral, beautiful Mary Magdalene Church, Wells
The Abbey, Glastonbury
Glastonbury Tor
St Michael’s Church, Creech where Mary and Michael lines cross
Wearyall Hill, sacred hill near Glastonbury
Cleopatra’s Bath house, Bath

As we will be in the flow of the Goddess, we may be guided to other places and with 18 days we have plenty of time to connect deeply with all that we are called to do here in Avalon.

Tour Inclusions:
Transport by rental car to and from London Heathrow Airport.
Accommodation – Self Catering Cottage in Glastonbury.   Old Converted Mill B & B Tintagel.
Services of Helen Barnes as Spiritual Facilitator, Driver and Tour Escort.

Abundance Exchange: GBP2050. 00 pp (as @ 13/2/17 exchange rate = NZD3555)
(please note that the exchange rate will be calculated on the day of payment)
Deposit: GBP1000. 00 = NZD1734. 00 as at 13/2/17
Balance Due: GBP1050. 00 to be paid no later than 31 May 2017

Not included in the cost:
Meals throughout other than in Tintagel where breakfast is included. As the accommodation in Glastonbury is self-catering, we will operate a kitty for meals taken at the cottage. There are pub meals available in an array of Ale Houses in and around Glastonbury as well as some local restaurants.
Entrance fees (where applicable) to Sacred Sites. There are only a few of the places we will be visiting where entrance fees apply.
Travel Insurance.
Other items of a personal nature.

As this will be a surrendered journey guided by divine spirit you will need to be flexible
to ebb and flow, staying ever present and ready for the unexpected, as this allows for
the synchronicity to unfold and magic to happen.

A Final Note: Sacred Soul Immersion Journeys are very personal and intensive spiritual development journeys and as such numbers are strictly limited to ensure a profound experience for all.