Releasing Core Fear Programming

A series of 9 telephone sessions

To be fully in our love consciousness we must move out of fear. And right now on our beloved planet earth we are being challenged like never before to make the shift into the truth of our light.

In these sessions, Helen will channel Language of Light sound and light healing energies to release the fear consciousness and awaken the soul's truth, moving from the head to the heart, and living fully in love consciousness.

There are 9 sessions as follows:

Session 1 – Preparation and setting of the template for the release of old and integration of new energies

Sessions 2 to 6 – Releasing core fear programming of 'lack of'

Session2 lack of financial abundance
Session 3 lack of love
Session 4 lack of self worth
Session 5 lack of personal power
Session 6 lack of trust

Sessions 7 to 9 – Releasing core fear programming of 'separation'….

Session 6 separation from oneness
Session 7 separation from life purpose
Session 8 separation from God

It is anticipated that there will be further series of sessions addressing other areas of fear consciousness endemic in the collective consciousness of today.

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