Relationship Healing

This is a topic that I am passionate about. I truly believe that Relationships are our modern Mystery School Teachings. In times gone by we received Initiations through the Ancient Mystery Schools and today our relationships offer us the opportunity of enormous spiritual growth.

Whether it be with spouses/partners, siblings, parents, colleagues or friends, our relationships are the key to self awareness and when we own the gift of healing we receive from our relationships, we receive huge healing gifts - in essence, our nearest and dearest are our healing angels.

Having left a long term relationship (20 years plus) from a place of unconditional love, I learnt that bitterness and unforgiveness are unnecessary and only cause toxic energy to fester in our beings. I left when I truly felt that our 'contract' was completed and I loved myself enough to go. With my Egyptian husband, I have faced so many of my fears and healed through them – I truly see him as a gift in my life. And I still love both of my ex's in an empowering way.

So, if you are experiencing any relationship issues in your life, I am here to assist. I am able to facilitate healing with the process of Radical Forgiveness which essentially is that as we are the co-creators of our realities, there is nothing to forgive – only the process of divine perfection allowing our soul's growth in this particular incarnation to unfold.

Appointments are available in person or by telephone. To make an appointment contact me here.