Radical Forgiveness

A Radical Forgiveness Session is a powerful healing process that enables us to shift old hurts, resentments and wounds making way for much love and peace in our lives. It is a transformational process and is particularly beneficial for anyone who….

  • suffers from feelings of guilt
  • feels inadequate in anyway
  • is experiencing a relationship challenge
  • has unfinished business with someone
  • bears any kind of grudge or resentment
  • suffers from a recurring pattern in their life
  • feels they are stuck in some issue or issues
  • considers themselves a victim of any kind
  • has low self esteem
  • has suffered abuse of any kind
  • has been unable to forgive their parents

Whereas ordinary forgiveness supports the theory that in forgiving another, you are letting them off the hook and in some way compromising, Radical Forgiveness involves a total release, through a shift in perception, that allows us to see the perfection in the situation from a spiritual point of view. Radical Forgiveness allows us to see the spiritual meaning in any situation, the big picture and we are able to recognize that life is divinely guided and unfolding perfectly for our highest good. We are able to surrender to the flow of life and realize there is nothing to forgive. With Radical Forgiveness we can let go of being the victim and find peace in every experience. We are able to recognize our healing angels – the souls who love us the most.

Helen is a Certified Radical Forgiveness Practitioner trained by Colin Tipping, founder of the Radical Forgiveness Institute. A session typically lasts around 1.5 hours and is better facilitated face to face but can be done over the phone.

To experience the emotional freedom this powerful healing offers, book your Radical Forgiveness session now.