Helen’s Purpose

Why are we are here, how did we get here, what are we doing and where are we going? These are questions that have been pondered by man and sage alike since the beginning of time.

Yet, it appears that for those who are seekers of truth, some answers are becoming clear.

For my part, since awakening to my spiritual journey on this incarnation, and indeed following my calling to raise my frequency and remember who I truly am (a divine being having a human experience), I have received much clarity of my purpose.

Now, I'm going to get a little philosophical here, because it is important to mention that while we each have an individual role to play while on this playground called Earth, we also clearly all have one clear path to follow and that is the return to love. We are told by spirit that Earth was created so that we could have fun (one could say we have lost our way just a tad!) and that we were given free will to experience the duality of existence on this wonderful planet. Apparently no-one actually believed that we would choose fear over love and so it all got rather out of hand, so to speak.

The LOVE that I am talking about here is not human love, but rather divine love also called unconditional love and in this love there is a sense of oneness. A oneness that honours ALL aspects of the duality.

So on a personal level, my purpose is to heal my separation from God so that once again I walk in the light and love of my god-self. And to do this I must be that love and light. By shining my light, I will ascend once more and as my light radiates from within me, I will awaken the light within others whom I touch.

I do this, by running workshops and taking tours, doing individual appointments and offering people the gift of the healing journey from their heads to their hearts.

I am not special, I am a child of God just like you. I just happen to have been on my journey for long enough to be able to help others. In this way, I have chosen to 'lead the way by shining my light' for you to see.

I am blessed with a wonderful entourage of spirit helpers including, my personal guides, the Archangels, the Elohim, the Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters and many other beings of 100% light. I offer myself as a channel for their love, light and wisdom for anyone who is drawn to my work.

Taking the plunge to work full-time as a lightworker has been a very liberating experience and one that I would not change for anything. I walk my talk and everything I teach or share comes from my own experience as a humble soul doing her best within the limitation of human incarnation.

As the energies of the planet have increased (in vibration) there has been an illumination happening for lots of people and many are seeking to know what their purpose is and how they can get there. The answer for you if you are seeking this wisdom, is that you 'get there' via your own healing journey. For as you clear away the clutter of conditioned belief, fear and doubt, you are free to open up to 'all that you are' and that, my dear friends, is your purpose - to be all that you are.

For information on my workshops and how to awaken to your purpose, see "Helen's Work" on this website.