Personal Spiritual Trainer Programme

You have no doubt heard of, and possibly even had, a personal trainer for your physical well being. Now there is the opportunity for a personal trainer for your spiritual well being.

The time of earth's ascension into the 5th Dimension is fast approaching and there is a need for human beings to accelerate their spiritual growth to prepare for the new world.

I have returned to NZ having lived at the Pyramids of Giza for three years where I have undergone major changes through light activations in preparation for my role as a Personal Spiritual Trainer.

In preparation for ascension each one of us is being challenged to release the old and make way for the new. The majority of people living on earth today are still living in 'ego' with the lower self as the ruling one. Yet the higher self knows such wisdom and light and is the way forward to the new light.

This Personal Spiritual Training Programme is a flexible programme designed specifically to address individual needs. It is suitable for those who are ready to make the shift necessary to ascend with ease and grace. To do this we must master a wholly new way of being where we 'live' the truth of our higher consciousness (in the physical realm).

During the process you will be challenged to release all old scripts, beliefs and behaviours so that you are free to embrace a new, higher way of being. The rewards will be great, but you must first choose this path, for it requires work and dedication.

Past and present life issues will be addressed. Your emotional reactions will offer insights to healing past wounds and conditioned belief systems. In essence you will be guided to move from your illusory self into your own higher truth.

The process will encompass both spiritual counseling and energetic healing. Using sound and light healing energies (the Language of Light) your light body will re-awaken to reveal your true divine magnificence and you will learn to live in a completely new empowered way.

All sessions will be individually conducted and are available either in person or by telephone. It is suggested that a minimum of 6 sessions will be required to work through the many layers of accumulated dross, however this will vary depending on the amount of healing previously undertaken.