Mystical Mt Shasta and Magical Sedona

Sacred Soul Immersion Journey 25 Aug to 09 Sept 2016


Have you felt the inner stirring as Mt Shasta calls to you? Is it time you followed in the footsteps of many a great pilgrim who has journeyed to this sacred mountain?  Mt Shasta has been called one of the seven major sacred energy vortices of the world. While all mountains are sacred, Mt Shasta has long been revered and visited for its sacred power, healing and inspiration – a place that draws you inward offering ancient, mystical and purifying energies, connecting you more deeply with the divine within.

This tour begins in Redding on 25 August. Redding is north of San Francisco (about a one hour’s flight).  We will meet at Redding Airport and travel by rental car to Mt Shasta (approx. 1.5 hours drive).  On arrival we will check in to our accommodation, (a self-contained house) where we will stay for the next 7 nights.

For the next 6 full days we will explore all the sacred sites and places of wonder on and surrounding Mt Shasta. The following is a list of the places we will visit, but they are not in any specific daily order as we will flow with the energies as we awaken each morning and go to where we are guided.

  • We will visit the Sacramento River Headwaters in Mount Shasta City Park as it is said to be the birthing place of the Sacramento River. Here the waters flow from the heart of Mt Shasta and emerge into daylight. This pure crystalline spring is acknowledged as magic water and drinking this water is a great way to purify, cleanse and align ourselves at the start of our Mt Shasta Journey.  We will fill our bottles with water from this spring.

  • We visit Hedge Creek Falls where a silky ribbon overflows from a spring creating a thin veil behind which is a misty grotto. From this womb-like cavern we can connect with the Divine Feminine and the water element as we feel the liquid light soothing and healing our mind, body and soul.

  • We will visit Panther Meadows, considered to be one of the most ancient outdoor temple sites on Mt Shasta. This is sacred tribal ground for the local tribes who gather in the meadows to pray. Panther Meadows offers many extraordinary experiences including sightings of many elementals, spaceships and Ascended Masters such as St Germain. This is a place of outer-worldly energy where we will walk and meditate in sacred reverence and gratitude.  In Panther Meadows we will visit the spring which is considered by Native American to be the birthing waters.

  • We will visit Castle Lake and Heart Lake. At Castle Lake we will clear our mental and emotional bodies through purification in the pure crystalline waters of this glacial lake. Here we will feel a deep serenity within before taking a steep hike up to Heart Lake. Rising 600' in only ¾ mile affords us the most majestic view of Mt Shasta. And at Heart Lake we will experience loving forgiveness and also have the opportunity in ceremony to move into deeper levels of unconditional self-love and love of all that is.

  • We will visit Medicine Lake and McLoud Falls. Medicine Lake is high up in the mountains and is a crater lake. The lake is believed to help restore fertility and is a great place to embrace the alchemy of the lava birthing from the purity of Gaia and imbuing new life. When we are still and receive these energies, we open to new beginnings and wondrous opportunities.

  • On our way back from Medicine Lake, we will stop off at McLoud Falls, sacred ground of the Wintun Tribe. There is an opportunity to meditate with the elementals feeling as 'light of spirit' as the mist-sylphs as they dance their way downstream from these beautiful falls.

  • We will take a spa experience at Stewart Mineral Springs where we can enjoy a mineral bath and sauna followed by a dip in the refreshing (cold) mountain waters.  A great way to detox.  Stewart Mineral Springs (visited by Dr Masaru Emoto) is where the red (feminine) and the white (masculine) springs flow together.  Here is the perfect place to honour the feminine and masculine and bring them into balance and harmony, restoring inner peace and personal empowerment.

  • We will visit Pluto's Cave, considered to be an inner-Earth gateway entrance along activated ley lines. This area is known for etheric temples and here we will undertake our own rituals guided by the spirit guardians, opening our own inner-Earth body in a rebirthing process. Torches will be needed for this journey into the caves. We will be touched by the sacredness of these caves.

  • We will be taken by a local to some off the beaten track sacred sites not generally visited by the public. I will facilitate activations and transmissions at these sites. I am still gathering details of these recommended sites.

  • We will have free time to explore Mt Shasta township and the metaphysical shops that are full of bounty to tempt us.

  • We will have time in the evenings to join in any local events that may be taking place.

It will all flow in divine perfection……

We complete our Mt Shasta portion of this journey travelling from Mt Shasta to Redding by car and staying one night in a hotel near the airport in Redding.  Early the next day we will fly to Phoenix via San Francisco and begin our Magical Sedona experience.



Between the red earth and blue sky of Sedona flows a sacred energy.  This land pours out a primordial power that awakens our greatest potential from within. Those who seek Sedona's magic find inside them a deep truth and a dream greater than they have ever known, a dream accessed through a deep connection with mother earth which can be found in Sedona. Are you ready to visit this sacred and blessed land?

On arrival in Phoenix, we will pick up our rental vehicle and drive to Sedona (about 2 hours drive). On arrival we will check in to our accommodation where we will stay for the next 7 nights.

For the next 6 full days we will explore all the magical sacred sites of Sedona. The following is a list of the places we will visit, but they are not in any specific daily order as we will flow with the energies as we awaken each morning and go to where we are guided.

  • We will visit Boynton Canyon, a powerful vortex for meditation and spiritual growth. This canyon is home to Sirian energies and also balances the yin and yang within each of us.  Some say Boynton Canyon is the most mysterious and sacred of the 4 major vortexes in Sedona.  You will be able to decide for yourself.  It is also the vortex of feminine/masculine balance – a very potent and utterly divine energy exists here.    

  • We will visit the vortex site of Cathedral Rock, a place of wonder and mystery. Here we will spend time meditating and enjoying the energy of this powerful site the Native American Indians often call the Sun God.

  • We will visit the vortex site of Bell Rock which is known for its powerful healing energy. We will spend time meditating and exploring this amazing energy vortex. The energy of this vortex is one of balance.  There is much to be experienced in a visit to Bell Rock.  Sedona is full of galactic activity and Helen will bring through messages from the various star nations as we visit each of Sedona's sacred energy spots.  

  • We will visit Airport Vortex where the masculine energies are strongest. The energies here will support our personal empowerment and ability to manifest through alignment with divine will.  It is also here that we can view the most magnificent sunsets as the sun goes down over the desert.

  • We will visit Fay Canyon, called Celestial Canyon for its sacredness and divinity.  Here we will meditate in some extraordinary energies connecting with many of the Star Nations who can be seen and felt here.

  • We will have a free day to allow synchronicity to unfold. There are many metaphysical experiences available here in Sedona – perhaps an intuitive art lesson, or a reading, healing or other therapy may be in order or take time to explore the many metaphysical stores of Sedona and/or hang out in cafés where we will meet the locals.

Tour details

  • On the days that we visit the various sacred sites, there will be some free time for other activities. However, as these are powerful energy spots there is also time for integration and so the remainder of the days is left open to flow as is divinely perfect. If, however, you wish to partake in other activities, any arrangements you desire will if at all possible be accommodated.

  • Breakfasts are included in the tour price.  Lunches and dinners are not included.  We will be self-catering as well as dining out which keeps spending money to an affordable budget. Check with Helen if you would like more detail.

  • Transportation throughout will be rental car/van driven by Helen.

  • This tour is 15 nights in duration.

  • You will need to arrange your own travel insurance.

  • There are many websites about Sedona, but I found a good one for background information and it links to many other spiritual websites which gives a good idea of just how much is on offer here.

  • Helen will be your tour guide, spiritual facilitator and there to support you on your sacred journey. She will be available for healing and spiritual growth to ensure you get the most out of this magical experience.

  • This journey begins in Redding, California and ends in Phoenix, Arizona.  Air travel and transportation into and out of Mainland USA and internally from San Francisco to Redding and Redding to Phoenix is at your own expense. 
    - Air NZ offer fares that fly into San Francisco and directly out of Phoenix.
    - United Airlines is used to fly the domestic US routes.
    Helen can assist with planning your air travel.

  • Tour price is in US dollars and needs to be converted to NZD at the time of payment.

  • Spaces are very limited.  Sacred Soul Immersion Journeys are boutique type tours, catering for small groups to ensure a deeply transformational and inspiring experience is manifested for all.

Investment for this tour (based on a minimum of 4 people) US$2995.00 (twin shared accommodation).

Payment Schedule
Initial Deposit - US$1000.00 payable at time of booking
Final Payment - US$1995.00 payable by 10 July 2016

For more details email Helen today!