Manifesting Mastery and Magic

A One Day Workshop facilitated by Helen Barnes

We are living in extraordinary times. Our world is changing and changing fast! Some people are finding these times challenging as chaos rises and the old ways are breaking down. We are the co-creators of our lives and it is time to step into the full manifestation of our magical selves once more by re-membering the spiritual masters that we are. All of our potential is within us, awaiting our re-awakening. This workshop will support you on your path to spiritual mastery and manifestation.


Everything we manifest in our lives is a direct reflection of what we think and believe. In this segment of the workshop we will look at what our limiting beliefs are and Helen will facilitate the release of these beliefs using high frequency Sound and Light healing energies encoded in the Language of Light. We will cover…

  • Manifesting through the breath of life
  • Manifesting through positive thoughts and powerful intention
  • Manifesting through clarity and focus
  • Emotional and mental alignment
  • Gratitude and appreciation
  • Self-love and self-worth


Being who we truly are is of paramount importance in the new earth energies of NOW. We are consciousness expressing in physical form. We are creator beings and our essence is divine spirit or pure love. In this segment of the workshop Helen will channel Codes for Ascension to recalibrate your light body to newer, higher frequencies and re-awaken the 12 Strand DNA template bringing you into alignment with your true potential of spiritual mastery. Helen is gifted these codes by the Galactic Federation using the harmonic frequencies of the Language of Light.


We all have magical abilities and have the potential to live in the magic. In our past lives we may have been punished for using our magic and in others we will have been powerful magicians. In this segment Helen will channel the life times most affecting our current incarnation. She will work with the Language of Light to release cellular memory of the past lives that are holding us back. She will also channel information of your past life memories that support you in living and being in the magic NOW and beyond.