Life Path Coaching

In chaotic times many look for answers and always the answer lies within. I use my intuitive and psychic gifts to bring a new perspective to what is going on in your life and guides you in insightful ways to navigate your way through the mire. Most of us are operating within a very narrow band of awareness and have a far greater potential than we are accessing, let alone utilising. A primary focus in a Life Path Coaching session is to assist you to activate your personal power by identifying what beliefs and behaviours are holding you in 'limitation' thus freeing the way for you to access more of what lies deep within.

My work involves mentoring and coaching people from all walks of life and many of my clients are business owners and managers.

 "Understanding the universe and how we are part of a much greater whole provides a new basis for thinking and brings clarity to otherwise imponderable situations. In many ways we are all seeking answers to 'the meaning of life'."

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