- A One Day Workshop-

In previous incarnations you were initiated into Temple Life as High Priests and Priestesses.  During your lifetimes in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt you worked through an alchemical process of spiritual growth and ascension to be of service to the light.  It is now time to reinstate your purpose as a light worker through initiation once more.

Today you will be reinitiated into the Temple to once again resume your work serving the Gods and Goddesses with whom you have contracted to work at this time on planet earth.

By receiving and partaking of ritual in this initiation, you will take your role in humanity's ascension to a higher level of consciousness.  You will commit to fulfil your contract with the blessings and assistance of the Gods and Goddesses with whom you agreed to serve.  Like the phoenix you will rise again and soar!

During this workshop your vibratory levels will be first assessed and then recalibrated to provide greater clarity and understanding of purpose. Through initiation  you will reclaim the consciousness of the Gods and Goddesses living within you to facilitate greater understanding and resonance of their relevance and application in your journey of ascension and thus your life of service.

You have been chosen for this workshop because it is time NOW to resume your status as High Priests and Priestesses once more. 

This workshop is intended for those ready and willing to answer the call of Temple Life, just as you have done before.

It is for you now to decide if you are ready and willing to answer this call. While it is understood that you worked in the Priesthood in many lifetimes, the focus of this workshop is your Atlantean and Egyptian ones.


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