Holistic Business Coaching

What is Holistic Business Coaching?

Holistic Business Coaching is the creation of Helen Barnes and is intended to fulfill a need that is evolving as more and more earth angels are called into service to the light. We are living in most exciting times and the opportunities that are emerging for Light Workers to turn their passion into their life's work have never been more apparent.

Helen says "ever since I started my spiritual work I realized that when your work is your passion, you never have to go to work again. Every day that I work, it makes my heart sing and truly is a gift from God".

As holistic processes become openly acceptable in the main stream, the opportunities are opening for practitioners to create a business or a lifestyle by following their heart and developing the potential they possess within.

Holistic Business Coaching offers:

Development of a Business Plan
Development of a Marketing Plan
Development of a Financial Plan

(the above are one off annual processes)

Applying spiritual law as everyday business practice
Ongoing Intuitive business mentoring
Quarterly reviews of business development
One off situations and advice – turning challenges into opportunities

Who is it for?

These services are equally suited to anyone starting out or an existing business wishing to evolve further and fulfill its potential. Whether a sole trader or an incorporated company, a one person operation or a team effort, Holistic Business Coaching is here for you.

How can it benefit you?

Often fledging light workers are inexperienced in running a small business operation and while they may be blessed with amazing gifts as well as passionate about what they do, there is always room for some planning and organizing to ensure such passion is supported by practical business skills.

Often limitations get in the way of maximizing potential and old scripts hold us in patterns of self belief that block our full potential manifesting. Taking full responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, honoring the gift of 'choice' as the greatest gift of all, moving from victim to architect of our lives are just some of the practices offered through Holistic Business Coaching.

Holistic Business Coaching complements and supports your expertise by bringing business skills with an intuitive approach to create the synergy and flow for an abundant and rewarding lifestyle.

Who is behind it?

Helen Barnes is pleased to combine her considerable past experience in the corporate world with her experience as a sole trader working in the holistic arena. Here's what Helen says…

"I have always trusted in the abundance of the universe and continue to be wonderfully supported along the way. I have, however, found business planning and organising a very valuable practice to support my journey of fulfilling my life's purpose and following my passion. Giving daily gratitude, using positive intentions for manifestation, trusting in the universe and opening to divine guidance are all part of my business practices.
Realising that I am the co-creator of my life and going within to find my personal power and wisdom have served me well along the way. I am now pleased to combine my business and spiritual practices and share them with others."

Helen was a Director and Shareholder of House of Travel, one of New Zealand's leading travel agency chains. Her time with House of Travel spanned 10 years where she was employed in an Executive role.

How did it come about?

Helen has watched over the past 15 years as holistic practices have moved from being 'on the fringe' to 'main stream' and it is her opinion that we are now on the verge of a 'takeover' as people look for alternatives to the scientific model and search out natural healing and intuitive services as real choices for wellbeing.

Helen has also witnessed an enormous ground swell of emerging practitioners as they answer the call of spirit to fulfill their life's purpose and enter the arena of holistic practitioner.

Helen says "what I have observed is that many emerging light workers may not have the business expertise to turn their calling into a viable business or lifestyle. So, I have decided to combine my business background with my spiritual gifts and offer Holistic Business Coaching as a new aspect of my work".

What does it cost?

This is not a 'one size fits all' deal! We are all individuals with specific needs and Holistic Business Coaching aims to support you while respecting your talents and gifts.

Therefore, an abundance exchange will be agreed upon once a full understanding of what will be divinely perfect and appropriate in each individual case.

Initially there is a free consultation to explore which services and processes will be most beneficial for you. This is a time to identify what is needed and tailormake an appropriate package to fit both your budget and needs.

How does one get started?

If you want to find out more about Holistic Business Coaching, or book your free initial consultation, you can contact Helen here or phone 021 938 024.

After your free initial consultation there is no pressure to proceed – it is entirely up to you to assess the benefit Holistic Business Coaching has to offer and proceed accordingly.
May your days be filled with joy and your life abundant with all that you deserve.