Helen’s Work

My work is my life and my life is my work.  In this way I find joy in every moment and never actually 'go to work'. Rather I am living my purpose here on earth at this time in a surrendered state of bliss which truly makes my heart sing.  I have worked in this realm for more than a decade now, combining a range of metaphysical modalities and techniques to suit different needs.

I am strongly pulled at this time to work as a spiritual teacher and healer to facilitate change for those souls awakening to the energy of 'now'. With the ascension of our beloved planet all lightworkers are being called to step into their spiritual power and assist the heralding of the New Age.

Helen in EgyptMy main focus is assisting those on their journey of soul ascension and self-realisation into the full consciousness of the divine human we were all created as. This is done by facilitating personal development and spiritual growth for those wishing to raise their vibrational frequency and integrate their physical and higher selves into wholeness. 

In my work I am blessed to work with the highest levels of consciousness and the pure light and love of God, receiving and channelling insights from the Ascended Masters, the Ancients, Gods and Goddesses, the Stellar and Angelic Realms to assist you on your journey of self-realisation. By working with highly evolved consciousness, you awaken to your soul's own evolutionary pathway to higher consciousness and the divine knowledge of who you truly are. When this is woven into the grounded-ness of human life you will find more love, joy, peace and prosperity as your transformation unfolds.

The "Language of Light" which is high vibrational sound and light frequencies that awaken your own higher consciousness and the divine template of 'who you truly are' is a powerful tool for facilitating accelerated spiritual growth.  Throughout all my work Light Language has an integral and pivotal role to play in the facilitation of your development.  When Light Language is undertaken in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, it is so pure and light that you can feel the veil of illusion shattering and falling away.

I offer myself in service to the light and invite you to shine your light for all the world to see.

I wish you the courage to face and heal your deepest fears, the joy of knowing, accepting and loving yourself unconditionally and the gift of your magnificence as a self-realised being of light. And so it is!