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The Language of Light - an explanation

Helen Barnes - Monday, July 22, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to make a video that explains and demonstrates the Language of Light and how I am able to work with it in my role as a Spiritual Facilitator and Healer. More and more people are recognising the power of sound and there is no more powerful an expression of harmonic sound frequencies than the Language of Light. The Language of Light is the language of the soul. It is the harmonics carrying the codes of creation and it literally cuts through ‘illusion’ to align you with the truth of all that you are as ‘love incarnate’. Often when people experience these divine harmonics they feel a familiarity as they remember who they truly are.

In my work, I am able to channel the Language of Light to facilitate healing at a very deep level. I also channel high frequency coded ‘language’ to assist with the re-calibration of the Light Body and the 12 strand DNA template. Many experience these sound frequencies as pure vibration and can feel the shift in consciousness as it is re-wiring circuitry.

When I am taking people on Sacred Journeys, these potent sound frequencies facilitate the return of ancient memories of life times lived in a highly evolved spiritual state of consciousness. These re-connections offer the potential of transformation at this time of ascension when we are moving into the vibration of our 5th Dimensional New Earth.

As a channel for the Star Nations and the Galactic Council of Light, I enter into a state of surrender to allow the Language of Light to flow through me to assist spiritual growth and raising of vibration. I am blessed to be a channel in this way and am always humbled by the opportunities and experiences people receive by opening to these powerful healing and activation energies.

I invite you to view my video and experience the energies for yourself. And most of all, I send you heartfelt blessings for this amazing journey we are all on at this time on our beloved Planet Earth.

Much love, Helen

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