Healing Treatments

A healing session offers the opportunity to look into where the blockages are in your life and address emotional issues and physical symptoms that are manifesting as a result of the discordant energies and the cellular memories that are stored deep within. Using high vibrational healing frequencies of sound and light (the Language of Light), I am able to facilitate the healing of these discordant energies causing blockages thus raising your own vibrational frequency to a higher level of resonance, bringing you to a place of stable health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

Working intuitively I access old wounds and emotional pain and gently facilitate the release of old patterns and blockages making way for new beginnings. Fears that are holding you 'stuck' are released so you can move forward in love and light.

These sessions are available remotely by telephone from and to any location around the world. Many are reporting that the sound healing energies of the Language of Light are even more powerful when done over the telephone.

In person sessions are available on a regular basis in Auckland and on a quarterly basis in Brisbane and an annual basis in Singapore. Other locations are on an ad hoc basis. 

Bookings are essential - for an appointment time contact Helen here.


Healing Alignments & Activations

Galactic Solar Body Activation/Restoration

As we have now entered the new solar age (7th Golden Age), it is time to embody the biorhythms of the Galactic Heart as we prepare our physical bodies for 5th Dimensional crystalline form.  This session assists with your transition into a galactic human being by gently working with the harmonic codes of creation to re-wire your current carbon based body into higher vibratory fields. This is like an ascension make-over!

Contact Helen now to book your appointment. Skype and phone works well for this process.


Ascension Vibration Upgrades

With the intensity of the energies now (and spirit advise they will continue to be like this), it is important to keep upgrading your software to stay aligned and strongly grounded in your core being. With this in mind, Helen is offering monthly Ascension Vibration Upgrades to assist with the constant energies we are continuing to be downloaded with here on Planet Earth.

These are 30 minute sessions over the phone or Skype and can be scheduled for a certain date each month or you can simply email Helen each month when you feel it is time for your upgrade. If you would like to register for these, contact Helen now.