Embracing Ascension and the New Earth Energies

Living in Surrender, Truth, Personal Power and As Your Authentic Self

With the current Earth changes, we are being asked to step into the truth of who we are as divine spirit incarnate. To do this we must surrender and trust. It is only when we live in a state of surrender that we can truly BE our authentic self. For some this is a new and exciting prospect and it often surprises people just how attached they are to their 'stories'. All of our potential lies within and as we venture into the truth of our authentic self, we are truly free to embrace our essence and shine our light with a new radiance.

In this workshop we will look into the ways in which we give our power away and using the Language of Light Helen will channel healing harmonic frequencies to clear away the discordant energies that are holding us in patterns of limitation. Old wounding and pain trapped in cellular memory will be identified and released. Using the principles of Radical Forgiveness, Helen will gently guide you to make peace with any unresolved emotional issues that are still playing out in your life. We will cover…

  • Recognising the control the 'personality self' has and releasing old beliefs that hold us in limitation
  • Reclaiming the truth of Self as consciousness expressing through form
  • Reclaiming our inner wisdom and living our truth
  • Healing past trauma from our lineage and ancestral lines
  • Moving from being the victim into the architect of our lives
  • A deeper understanding of illusion and how we are creating it in every moment
  • Shifting from Linear to Quantum time
  • Giving away our power to others
  • Healing the shadow self through forgiveness, love and acceptance
  • Releasing core fear programmes holding us in limitation
  • Managing our lives through the eyes of our Higher Selves
  • Choosing to live fearlessly – what this means and how to master it
  • Letting go and trusting in divine perfection
  • How to ascend with ease and grace
  • Energetic re-calibrations for the pineal gland

This is a workshop that will take you on a journey deep into Self to discover more of who you are. It is time to fly once more and there are keys and processes in this workshop that will assist you to reclaim your full personal power, rediscover your authentic self and surrender fully into the truth of ALL that you are. This is a workshop that will facilitate a magical transformation in preparation for ascension. This workshop is both practical and mystical and is sure to delight your whole being.