Egyptian Mysteries Workshop

- A Journey of Consciousness-

This is a weekend workshop spanning two days of spiritual awakening.  All consciousness exists within us as we are one with the universe.  Our sense of separation is merely an illusion and not who we truly are.

Awakening the consciousness of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses as we journey from the shadow at the base chakra, through to enlightenment at the crown, will be the focus of this workshop.  At each chakra we will awaken the consciousness within us of the appropriate God or Goddess and the qualities and virtues they bestow upon us.

Base Chakra     -  Annubis and the shadow self
Sacral Chakra     -  Sehkmet and personal power and joy
Solar Plexus Chakra     -  Horus and the divine child
Heart Chakra     -  Hathor and self love and the divine feminine
Throat Chakra     -  Ptah and the co-creator self
Third Eye Chakra     -  Isis the magician and manifestor
Crown Chakra     -  Osiris and wholeness

There will be discussions, meditations, healing release work and light language activations as the process of awakening divine consciousness unfolds during this workshop.  By awakening the consciousness of the Gods and Godesses you will surely shine your light in a new and profound way.  And so it is!


Abundance Exchance: $350.00

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'The Ancient Egyptians were highly conscious beings who lived in accordance with spiritual laws which enabled them to reach an enlightened and harmonious state of beingness. We can learn much from their ancient wisdom and devotion to spiritual ascension.'