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We are an inspired platform for showcasing “Our People.” The Visionaries and Leaders that are Co-Creating A New Reality and assisting humanity to do the same. It is time for us to each bring our piece of the puzzle, our uniqueness, so that together we can see a ‘whole’ new world.

New Zealand, being the First Light has an integral part to play in this.

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Sunshine Before the Dawn by Judy Satori

Sunshine Before the Dawn is an inter-dimensional love story about a woman called Essayenya, from the fifth-dimensional star civilization of Sirius, and Mosteenya, the Lyran leader of the Galactic Council.

It reads and appears like a work of fiction, but it's not!  Every word was telepathically transmitted to Judy Satori by beings of light. The words are coded. Your heart will respond, and you will begin to remember why you are here.

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Guided by Intuition by Gill Hughes

Guided by Intuition is a collection of stories by New Zealand psychics, intuitives and healers.

Is intuition or sixth sense something common to us all, or is it a special ability or gift granted to a privileged few?

Gill’s curiosity inspired a spontaneous interviewing journey through parts of New Zealand’s North Island to record the stories of people who consciously access intuition in their daily lives.

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