Ascension Codes for the ‘Now’ Age

Preparing for 2012 and beyond.

As the energies continue to accelerate on planet earth in preparation for our ascension to the 5th dimension, we are being helped by many of the higher realms to awaken to our truth of divine coding within. The veil of illusion that exists as a separation of physical and divine realities is very thin and wondrous opportunities avail for humanity as we move into the 'now' crystalline age.

Your divine codes are ready to be re-activated now and in today's workshop Janine and Helen will take you on a journey of self-awareness and exploration as they share with you many tools to prepare you for the shift to come. Language of Light Sound Frequencies and Vibrational Essences, that Janine has created, will be an integral part of the day. Covered will be…

  • Channelled codes and activations to reconnect to your divine blueprint that is dormant within. (Light Language sound frequencies)
  • Gaia Self - activation of the base chakra, deeply rooting you into feminine energies( particularly since Venus Transition ) reconnecting you to Life force, the vitality of you
  • Breathing for Now – a new way of breathing back into the heart of you. The breath is the lubricant for the soul and assists the alignment with ascension energies.
  • Movement – from the physical spine to the divine spine through Kundalini dance to clear the spine allowing flexibility for growth.
  • Sound – re-awakening the tone of you, connecting to your own heart vibrato and toning you home.
  • Now Nutrition – conscious eating to support the awakening of your light body enabling it to absorb the new frequencies.
  • Sacred Heart Embraced- opening the heart fully embracing your masculine/feminine sacred union, experiencing your innocent ( or essential ) self as the purest vibration of love
  • Ascension Symptoms – what is really happening to me – or am I going mad?
  • Pineal Gland – activations to re-awaken your spiritual powerhouse and ascend with grace.
  • Crystalline Grid - re-calibration to assist the transition from carbon based body to crystalline body.

Frequencies have been gifted to Janine and Helen to work in service with humanity to raise the consciousness ready for ascension and in particular the crystalline age. To do this each one of us needs to re-awaken the divine codes that are dormant within bringing us into alignment with the highest expression of self as, I AM.