Light Language Cards
and Soundtracks App
by Helen Barnes

A set of oracle healing cards and soundtracks to assist in the release of fear and limitation to empower you to be the full manifestation of your divine essence, in human form.

About the app

Light Language Cards and Soundtracks

This powerful app includes 42 cards each with a Language of Light symbol and corresponding Light Language healing activation soundtrack channelled by Helen.

There is also an in-depth message and affirmation to assist your healing process.

The Light Language soundtracks will help you break through old beliefs and disempowering emotional patterns by working at a cellular memory level to release discordant energies.

This app provides a profound healing opportunity to accelerate your soul's growth. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced spiritual seekers and detailed instructions are available in the app for ease of use.

Using the app

Use the 6 colour coded cards for each of the 7 major chakras (42 cards in total) for messages, affirmations and energy healing.

Choose a 1 or 3 card reading and soundtrack healing.

Review the entire deck and work your way through the deck for an in-depth 7 chakra healing process over a 7 week period.

Play the soundtracks repeatedly to help clear blockages and limitations.

Flip the cards over for a full explanation and affirmation and listen to the corresponding Light Language healing soundtrack.

Use the messages, affirmations and soundtracks daily for higher spiritual awakening.

About the author

Helen Barnes is an international Healer, Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Author. She lives and works in a state of surrender allowing spirit to guide her in all that she does. She is a powerful channel for the Language of Light sound harmonics.

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