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Welcome to Helen Barnes’
Key of Life Mysteries

We are living in the most extraordinary times.  Our world is changing and changing fast!  Some people are finding these times challenging as chaos is rising and we are shaken out of our old beliefs about who 'we truly are'.

The truth of who we are is consciousness expressing in physical form.  It is time now to embrace this truth and transcend the ego - indeed we must see the illusion for what it is and only when we do so, can we begin to live the magic of our highest potential as divine spirit incarnate.  The energies are here now to support surrender, flow, trust and grace.  Yet, if we continue with a need to control and do not let go we will stay stuck in the fear consciousness that pervades our planet right now.  You are being asked to make a choice - do you choose love?  Only when you choose love can you truly embrace the changes with ease and grace and move into the fullness and expression of all that you are.

There is no doubt that we are being afforded the most wonderful opportunity for spiritual evolution and with the new earth energies already apparent many of our old ways of being clearly no longer serve us. The focus of my work at this time is to assist those who wish to move from the illusion into the truth of their spiritual magnificence.  If you are ready to move out of fear and choose love, then I can certainly assist and I invite you to browse my website to see what calls to you.

If I can assist you in any way, please contact me.


New and Exciting.....

Ascension Vibration Upgrades

With the intensity of the energies now (and spirit advise they will continue to be like this), it is important to keep upgrading your software to stay aligned and strongly grounded in your core being. With this in mind, Helen is offering monthly Ascension Vibration Upgrades to assist with the constant energies we are continuing to be downloaded with here on Planet Earth.

These are 30 minute sessions over the phone or Skype and can be scheduled for a certain date each month or you can simply email Helen each month when you feel it is time for your upgrade. If you would like to register for these, then contact Helen now

Twin Flame Relationship Alignment

In this session, Helen will bring through harmonic waves of energy in the form of encoded Light Language to align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to that of your Twin Flame preparing you for this most sacred union. Once the realignment is fully integrated, you will be ready to magnetize your Twin Flame, having aligned your current vibrational fields, thus honouring your pre-incarnation relationship contract to converge into a vibrational harmonic alignment in order to serve the greater good, together as ONE.  Helen describes this as a de-light-filled and sacred process that is both gentle and powerful.

Don't delay, contact Helen now to book one of these sacred sessions.

Galactic Gatherings - a monthly affair!

Every three weeks in Auckland Helen facilitates an evening of enchantment and delight.  Guided by spirit Helen surrenders to allow insights, activations and codes of light to flow through her. As a surrendered channel she is guided to bring through just what is pertinent at the time of gathering. Everyone participates as the harmonic waves of tones and the Language of Light ring out.

These gatherings are a chance for awakened, like-minded souls to come together and after 3 years our beautiful, heart-centred whanau have bonded into a collective committed to soul growth and the ascension of humanity and our beloved Gaia.

If you would like to join us, contact Helen now so that she can add you to the mailing list for these gatherings.

Telephone and Skype Sessions

Helen's telephone and Skype sessions continue to be popular and allow her work to spread globally. The Language of Light is very effective over the 'airwaves' and makes it available no matter where you live. Helen is also working with many people who live in provincial New Zealand. There really are no physical barriers or limitations to this work so if you would like to book a session, contact Helen here.